Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vintage Rainbow 'Difficult to Cure' World Tour 1981 3/4 jersey

Rainbow 'Difficult to Cure' World Tour 1981'
Size: Large
runs like M today
Measurement pit to pit appr. 20'
Length appr. 26.5'
Copyright 1978 Thames Talent LTD.
World Tour 1981' Joe Lyn Turner era' not Ritchie Blackmore but still a great Classic and Joe Lyn Turner is still a great guitarist and a legend!!
Now this is what I called Vintage..a rare and great find!
Naga boleh cari, Dio boleh cari, Anak Dara Tua 'Eddie' 3/4 pun boleh cari...
dalam e'bay banyak..mampu tak mampu je..ada duit..besok boleh dapat..;-)...
tapi yg ni cari tengok!! haha
A 50/50 cotton / polyester blend
Tag: JG&W Designs

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